The following table is a comprehensive list of more than 180 of the world's current note-issuing authorities.

Where possible, I have included separate links for the English- and native-language home pages. The Currency column links to the Wikipedia entry describing the country's current or historical currency.

If you encounter a broken link, try again later. In my experience, web sites in developing countries are sometimes intermittently available. If a link is permanently dead, or you spot an omission, please click here to write to me using the Contact form.

Bank Name (English)
Bank Name (Native)
Afghanistan afghani Da Afghanistan Bank  
Albania lek Bank of Albania Banka e Shqipërisë
Algeria dinar Bank of Algeria Banque d'Algérie
Angola kwanza   Banco Nacional de Angola
Argentina peso Central Bank of Argentina Banco Central de la República Argentina
Armenia dram Central Bank of Armenia  
Aruba florin Central Bank of Aruba Centrale Bank van Aruba
Australia dollar Reserve Bank of Australia  
Austria schilling Central Bank of Austria Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Azerbaijan manat Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan Azerbaycan Milli Banki
Bahamas dollar Central Bank of The Bahamas  
Bahrain dinar Central Bank of Bahrain  
Bangladesh taka Bangladesh Bank  
Barbados dollar Central Bank of Barbados  
Belarus ruble National Bank of the Republic of Belarus National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Belgium franc National Bank of Belgium Nationale Bank van België
Belize dollar Central Bank of Belize  
Bermuda dollar Bermuda Monetary Authority  
Bhutan ngultrum Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan  
Bolivia boliviano Central Bank of Bolivia Banco Central de Bolivia
Bosnia-Herzegovina convertible mark Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina Centralna Banka Bosne i Hercegovine
Botswana pula Bank of Botswana Banka ya Botswana
Brazil real Central Bank of Brazil Banco Central do Brasil
Brunei ringgit Brunei Currency & Monetary Board  
Bulgaria lev Bulgarian National Bank  
Burma (Myanmar) kyat Central Bank of Myanmar  
Burundi franc Bank of the Republic of Burundi La Banque de la République du Burundi
Cambodia riel National Bank of Cambodia National Bank of Cambodia
Canada dollar Bank of Canada Banque du Canada
Cape Verde escudo Bank of Cape Verde Banco de Cabo Verde
Cayman Islands dollar Cayman Islands Monetary Authority  
Central African Republic franc Bank of Central African States Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) rupee Central Bank of Sri Lanka  
Chile peso Central Back of Chile Banco Central de Chile
China (People's Republic) yuan People's Bank of China People's Bank of China
China (Taiwan) dollar Central Bank of China Central Bank of China
Colombia peso Bank of the Republic of Colombia Banco de la República de Colombia
Comoros franc Central Bank of Comores Banque Centrale des Comores
Congo Democratic Republic franc Central Bank of Congo Banque Centrale du Congo
Costa Rica colón Central Bank of Costa Rica Banco Central de Costa Rica
Croatia kuna Croatian National Bank Hrvatska Narodna Banka
Cuba peso Central Bank of Cuba Banco Central de Cuba
Curaçao and Saint Marten guilder Centrale Bank van Curacao en Sint Maarten Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen
Cyprus pound Central Bank of Cyprus  
Czech Republic koruna Czech National Bank C¹eská národní banka
Denmark krone National Bank of Denmark Danmarks Nationalbank
Djibouti franc Central Bank of Djibouti Banque Centrale de Djibouti
Dominican Republic peso Central Bank of the Dominican Republic Banco Central de la República Dominicana
East Caribbean States dollar Eastern Caribbean Central Bank  
Ecuador sucre Central Bank of Ecuador Banco Central del Ecuador
Egypt pound Central Bank of Egypt  
El Salvador colón Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador
England (Great Britain) pound Bank of England  
Estonia kroon Bank of Estonia Eesti Pank
eSwatini lilangeni Central Bank of eSwatini  
Ethiopia birr National Bank of Ethiopia  
European Union euro European Central Bank  
Faeroe Islands króna National Bank of Denmark Danmarks Nationalbank
Falkland Islands pound Falkland Islands Government  
Fiji dollar Reserve Bank of Fiji  
Finland markka Bank of Finland Suomen Pankki
France franc Bank of France Banque de France
Gambia dalasi Central Bank of The Gambia  
Georgia lari National Bank of Georgia  
Germany mark Deutsche Bundesbank Deutsche Bundesbank
Ghana cedi Bank of Ghana  
Greece drachma Bank of Greece  
Guatemala quetzal Bank of Guatemala Banco de Guatemala
Guinea franc Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea Banque Centrale de la Republique de Guinea
Guinea-Bissau peso Central Bank of West African States Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest
Guyana dollar Bank of Guyana  
Haiti gourde Bank of the Republic of Haiti Banque de la République d'Haiti
Honduras lempira Central Bank of Honduras Banco Central de Honduras
Hong Kong dollar Standard Chartered Bank  
Hong Kong dollar Bank of China  
Hong Kong dollar Hong Kong Monetary Authority  
Hong Kong dollar Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp.  
Hungary forint Central Bank of Hungary Magyar Nemzeti Bank
Iceland kronur Central Bank of Iceland Sedlabanki Islands
India rupee Reserve Bank of India Reserve Bank of India
Indonesia rupiah Central Bank of Republic of Indonesia Bank Indonesia
Iran rial Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Iraq dinar Central Bank of Iraq Central Bank of Iraq
Ireland Republic pound Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland  
Ireland, Northern pound Bank of Ireland  
Ireland, Northern pound First Trust Bank  
Ireland, Northern pound Northern Bank  
Ireland, Northern pound Ulster Bank  
Isle Of Man pound Isle Of Man Government  
Israel new shekel Bank of Israel Bank of Israel
Italy lira Bank of Italy Banca d'Italia
Jamaica dollar Bank of Jamaica  
Japan yen Bank of Japan Bank of Japan
Jordan dinar   Jordan
Kazakhstan tenge National Bank of Kazakhstan  
Kenya shilling Central Bank of Kenya  
Korea, South won Bank of Korea Bank of Korea
Kuwait dinar Central Bank of Kuwait  
Kyrgyzstan som National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic
Laos kip Bank of the Lao P.D.R.  
Latvia lats Bank of Latvia Latvijas Banka
Lebanon pound Bank of Lebanon Banque du Liban
Lesotho loti Central Bank of Lesotho  
Liberia dollar Central Bank of Liberia  
Libya dinar Central Bank of Libya Central Bank of Libya
Lithuania litas Bank of Lithuania Lietuvos Bankas
Luxembourg franc Central Bank of Luxembourg Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
Macao pataca Banco Nacional Ultramarino  
Macao pataca Monetary Authority of Macao  
Macedonia denar National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia Народна банка на Република Македонија
Madagascar ariary Central Bank of Madagascar Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara
Malawi kwacha Reserve Bank of Malawi  
Malaysia ringgit Central Bank of Malaysia Bank Negara Malaysia
Maldives rufiyaa Maldives Monetary Authority  
Malta lira Central Bank of Malta Bank Centrali ta'Malta
Mauritania ouguiya Central Bank of Mauritania Banque Centrale de Mauritanie
Mauritius rupee Bank of Mauritius  
Mexico peso Bank of Mexico Banco de México
Moldova leu National Bank of Moldova Banca Nationala a Moldovei
Mongolia tögrög Bank of Mongolia  
Morocco dirham Bank Al-Maghrib Bank Al-Maghrib
Mozambique metical Bank of Mozambique Banco de Moçambique
Myanmar (Burma) kyat Central Bank of Myanmar  
Namibia dollar Bank of Namibia  
Nepal rupee Nepal Rastra Bank  
Netherlands guilder Bank of the Netherlands De Nederlandsche Bank
New Zealand dollar Reserve Bank of New Zealand  
Nicaragua córdoba Central Bank of Nicaragua Banco Central de Nicaragua
Nigeria naira Central Bank of Nigeria  
Norway krone Bank of Norway Norges Bank
Oman rial Central Bank of Oman  
Pakistan rupee State Bank of Pakistan  
Papua New Guinea kina Bank of Papua New Guinea  
Paraguay guaraní Central Bank of Paraguay Banco Central Del Paraguay
Peru nuevo sol Central Reserve Bank of Peru Banco Central de Reserve del Perú
Philippines peso Central Bank of the Philippines Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Poland złoty National Bank of Poland Narodowy Bank Polski
Portugal escudo Bank of Portugal Banco de Portugal
Qatar riyal Qatar Central Bank  
Romania leu National Bank of Romania Banca Nationala a Romanieia
Russia ruble Bank of Russia Централь-ный банк РФ
Rwanda franc National Bank of Rwanda Banque Nationale du Rwanda
Saint Thomas & Prince dobra Central Bank of Saint Thomas & Prince Banco Central de Sao Tomé e Príncipe
Samoa tala Central Bank of Samoa  
Saudi Arabia riyal Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
Scotland pound Committee of Scottish Clearing Bankers  
Serbia dinar National Bank of Serbia Narodna banka Srbije
Seychelles rupee Central Bank of Seychelles  
Sierra Leone leone Bank of Sierra Leone  
Singapore dollar Monetary Authority of Singapore  
Slovakia koruna National Bank of Slovakia Národná banka Slovenska
Slovenia tolar Bank of Slovenia Banka Slovenije
Solomon Islands dollar Central Bank of Solomon Islands  
Somalia shilling Central Bank of Somalia  
Somaliland shilling Bank of Somaliland  
South Africa rand South African Reserve Bank  
South Sudan pound Bank of South Sudan  
Spain peseta Bank of Spain Banco de España
Sri Lanka (Ceylon) rupee Central Bank of Sri Lanka  
Sudan pound Bank of Sudan  
Suriname dollar Central Bank of Suriname Centrale Bank van Suriname
Sweden krona Central Bank of Sweden Sveriges Riksbank
Switzerland franc Swiss National Bank Schweizerische Nationalbank
Syria pound Central Bank of Syria Banque Centrale de Syrie
Tahiti franc Institut d'émission d'Outre-Mer Institut d'émission d'Outre-Mer
Taiwan (Republic of China) dollar Central Bank of China Central Bank of China
Tajikistan somoni National Bank of Tajikistan Tajikistan
Tanzania shilling Bank of Tanzania  
Tatarstan ruble Republic of Tatarstan Republic of Tatarstan
Thailand baht Bank of Thailand  
Tonga paʻanga National Reserve Bank of Tonga  
Transdniestria ruble Trans-Dniester Republican Bank Transdniestria
Trinidad & Tobago dollar Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago  
Tunisia dinar Central Bank of Tunisia Banque Centrale de Tunisie
Turkey lira Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Turkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankasi
Turkmenistan manat Central Bank of Turkmenistan ЦЕНТРАЛЬНЫЙ БАНК ТУРКМЕНИСТАНА
Uganda shilling Bank of Uganda  
Ukraine hryvnia National Bank of Ukraine National Bank of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates dirham Central Bank of the UAE  
United States dollar Federal Reserve  
Uruguay peso Central Bank of Uruguay Banco Central del Uruguay
Uzbekistan som   Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Vanuatu vatu Reserve Bank of Vanuatu  
Venezuela bolívar Central Bank of Venezuela Banco Central de Venezuela
Vietnam đồng State Bank of Vietnam State Bank of Vietnam
West African States franc   West African States
Yemen rial Bank of Yemen  
Zambia kwacha Bank of Zambia  
Zimbabwe dollar Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe