Serbia new 2,000-dinar note confirmed

According to a press release dated 23.12.2011, the National Bank of Serbia issued a new 2,000-dinar (US$25.27) banknote on 30 December 2011. This note is intended to ease economic transactions by filling the gap between the 1,000 and 5,000 dinar denominations. The new note features a portrait of scientist Milutin Milanković on front and fragments of his scientific works on back.

Governor Dejan Soskic claimed, “New banknotes from 2,000 dinars will reduce the total amount of banknotes in circulation for about 20 million pieces, and therefore the cost of production for about 170 million dinars, will facilitate the operations of money and will complete the current series of banknotes issued by the National Bank of Serbia.” The new banknotes have machine-readable security elements, OVD, holograms, and embedded fibers that make the new Serbian banknote extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Courtesy of David Murcek (, Matej Omahen, Andrija MIlosevic, Mojmir Cerny, and Radio-televizija Srbije.