Vietnam issues two new polymer notes

On August 15, 2006, the State Bank of Vietnam announced it would issue two new polymer notes. The 200,000-dong note is the first of that denomination in the nation’s history. The current paper 10,000-dong note (Pick 115) remains legal tender; all smaller bank notes are being replaced by coins. SBV has announced that it will eventually convert all its denominations to polymer.

10,000 dongs, (20)06. Issued August 30, 2006. Purple, light green, and light blue. President Ho Chi Minh. “Treehouse” wmk, curved security thread, registration device, microprinting, and “VN” latent image. Off-shore oil rigs on back. Polymer. 132 x 60 mm.

200,000 dongs, (20)06. Issued August 30, 2006. Red, green, and peach. President Ho Chi Minh as portrait and wkm. Curved security thread, registration device, OVI, and microprinting. Junk in Ha Long Bay on back. Polymer. 148 x 65 mm.