Estonia issues new 10-kroon note

10 krooni (US$1), 2008. 30,000 notes introduced in special folder with 1-kroon coin for EEK200 (US$19.95) on 20.06.2008, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the 16th anniversary of the re-introduction of the kroon. Front: Girl in national costume holding sheaves of wheat based upon design by Günther Reindorff for 1928 EEK10 (P63), but new date, new signatures (Andres Lipstok, President; Mart Sõrg, Noukogu Esimees), plus watermark and registration device at right. Back: Designed by Vladimir Taiger; depicts Tamme-Lauri oak at Urvaste and coat of arms. Security features include 90th anniversary logo as watermark, 1918 and 2008 as latent images, intaglio printing, microtext, and fluorescent ink. 140 x 69 mm.