Albania issues revised 500-lek note dated 2007

On February 16, 2009, the Bank of Albania issued a revised 500-lek note. It is dated 2007 and is apparently printed by TDLR based upon its use of Cornerstone watermarks. The note is like the 2001 issue, but has new signatures and a windowed security thread with demetalized text.

Updated versions of the 200- and 5,000-lek notes have also been issued in 2009.

500 lek (US$4.85)
Blue. Front: Prime Minister Ismail Qemali; two-headed independence flag; fountain pen. Back: Desk and chairs in office where independence declared; telegraph machine which transmitted declaration; house where event took place. Windowed security thread with demetalized 500. Watermark: Ismail Qemali and Cornerstones. Printer: TDLR (w/o imprint). 145 x 68 mm. 2007. Signatures unknown. Introduced 16.02.2009.

Courtesy of Michael M. Reissner and