Cambodia issues new 2,000-riel note

According to an 8 January 2008 article on China View, "The Cambodian National Bank has issued a new 2,000-riel bank note to refresh currency supplies and simplify cash payments, the Cambodia Daily newspaper said Tuesday. Roughly equivalent to half a U.S. dollar, the new note depicts an image of the Preah Vihear temple on one side and a woman harvesting rice on the other, the newspaper said. The notes replace an equal value of tattered 1,000-riel notes that have been taken out of circulation and destroyed, National Bank of Cambodia Deputy Governor Neav Chanthana said. 'The new note is to replace the older ones,' Neav Chanthana was quoted as saying. The 2,000-riel denomination also requires that only half as many bills be printed as are removed from circulation, thereby saving the usage of paper, she added."

2,000 riels (US$0.50), 2007. Introduced 03.01.2008. Green, black, and yellow. Gate of Preah Vihear temple on front; farmers harvesting rice with palm trees and Angkor Wat temple in background on back. Signatures (Chea Chanto, Governor; Tha Yao, General Cashier), solid security thread with repeating *NBC*, Bayon sculpture as watermark, embedded colored threads, NATIONALBANKOFCAMBODIA microprinting, and some UV elements. 146 x 68 mm. Also available as perforated specimen with all-zero serial number.

Courtesy of Leszek Porowski.