Thailand new 80-baht commemorative notes confirmed

According to a Bank of Thailand press release dated 3 July 2012, an 80-baht (US$2.55) commemorative banknote was issued to celebrate the queen’s 80th birthday anniversary on 12 August 2012. Two million commemorative 80-baht notes were available as of 9 August encased with a hard-paper cover at 120 baht, with profits to be donated to charity. The blue note measures 162 x 80 mm, representing 80 years of age.

PNL 80 baht (US$2.55), no date.
Blue. Front: Royal Garuda emblem; King Rama IX conferring title of Queen; Queen Sirikit rose and cattleya flowers; King Rama IX wearing uniform and Queen Sirikit; royal crest commemorating 80th birthday. Back: Royal Garuda emblem; King Rama IX and Queen Sirikit sitting with their children; roses; young Queen Sirikit wearing necklace; kneeling Queen Sirikit; royal crest commemorating 80th birthday; bamboo; Queen Sirikit giving plants to locals; cattleya flowers. Windowed Motion security thread with 80 and rose. Watermark: Queen and electrotype crowned monogram. Printer: (NPW). 162 x 80 mm.

Courtesy of Sesthawich Wongwiwat and Thomas Augustsson.