Bangladesh new 70-taka commemorative note (B359) confirmed

This 70-taka note commemorates the “Developing Bangladesh” initiative.

B359 (PNL): 70 taka (US$0.85)
Purple, orange, and green. Front: Bengali text; Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; map of Bangladesh; National Martyrs’ Monument in Savar; Betbunia Satellite Center. Back: Bengali and English text; Bangabandhu-1 Satellite in orbit above earth; Padma Bridge; Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina; bank logo. Windowed security thread with holographic bank logo and 100.. Watermark: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on pixelated background and electrotype bank logo and 100. Printer: (Security Printing Corporation). 140 x 62 mm.
a. 2018. Sig. 11. Intro: 22.03.2018.

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn (