Azerbaijan new 5-manat note (B402a) confirmed

This note is like AMB B15 (P26), but with new date, and the issuer's name changed from Azərbaycan Milli Bankı (National Bank of Azerbaijan) to Azərbaycan Mərkəzi Bankı (Central Bank of Azerbaijan). To date, only the 1- and 5-manat denominations have been confirmed with the new bank name.

B402 (PNL): 5 manat (US$6.35)
Orange. Front: MANAT as registration device; literature personalities, ancient books, and a part from the state anthem. Back: Map of Europe; Qobustan rock hieroglyphs, Orhon-Yenisei alphabet, and modern writing; ; map of Azerbaijan. Windowed security thread with demetalized Azәrbaycan Mәrkәzi Banki 5 MANAT. Watermark: Quill pen & book and electrotype 5. Printer: (OeBS). 127 x 70 mm.
a. 2009. Signature 1.

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