Iran new 500,000-rial cheque confirmed

According to various web sites, in December 2014 the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran introduced a new 500,000-rial cheque.

500,000 rials (US$19)
Purple, green, and yellow. Front: Imam Reza Holy Shrine entrance, dome with flag, and minaret in Mashhad; 50 and flying dove as registration devices. Back: Flying dove, Esmail Talayi fountain in the shrine’s court. 2.5-mm windowed security thread with demetalized I. R. IRAN. Solid security thread with demetalized I. R. IRAN. Watermark: Flying dove and electrotype 50. Printer: Unknown. 140 x 68 mm.
a. No date. Signature Valiollah Seif. Intro: December 2014.

Courtesy of Ms. Hamaseh Golestaneh, Christian Funke, and Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online).