Hong Kong Bank of China new 100-dollar commemorative note confirmed

Hong Kong’s Bank of China has announced that from 13-20 February 2012 it will be taking orders for a new 100-dollar (US$13) note to commemorate the bank’s 100th anniversary. Although legal tender, the notes aren’t intended for circulation. 1,100,000 notes will be sold as numismatic products packaged in a folder for HK$150. An additional 100,000 sets of three uncut notes in a folder for HK$600. Finally, 20,000 uncut sheets of 30 notes each will be sold for HK$6,000 each. Profits from the sale of the notes will be donated to charitable organizations in Hong Kong.

100 dollars (US$13), 5 FEBRUARY 2012. Red. Front: Great Wall of China; Bank of China bulding in Beijing. Back: Bank of China tower in modern Hong Kong’s financial district. Windowed Motion security thread with BOC logo. Watermark: Flower with electrotype 100. Printer: Unknown. 153 x 76.5 mm.

Courtesy of Terence Chan, Rafal Nogowczyk, Wilson Chow, and TDS.