Azerbaijan new variety or error notes reported without guilloches

A frequent contributor to this site has reported a possible error or new variety of Azerbaijan B308, the 100-manat note from 1993. Specifically, the silver guilloche which nomrally appears at upper right on back (bottom) is missing (top). The note with the missing guilloche has serial number A/1 04584505.

Other contributors have sent scans of other 100-manat notes without the guilloche, but there doesn't seem to be any particular serail number range with or withou the guilloche.

Furthermore, I've now seen images of 250-manat note (B303a) without guilloche, as well as 50-manat note (B307a) without guilloche.

However, all of the "without guilloche" images I've examined are of well worn notes, leading me to wonder if perhaps the guilloche design was printed with ink that wore off or washed off. Do these "without guilloche" varieties exist in uncirculated form?

If you have any of these notes without the guilloche in like new condition, please let me know.

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn and Alex Tarasoff.