Bangladesh new 20-taka note confirmed

BB B50.5 (PNL): 20 taka (US$0.25)
Green, yellow, and red. Front: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; National Martyr’s Monument in Savar. Back: Shaat Gambuj Masjid (Sixty Dome Mosque) in Bagerhat; bank logo. Windowed security thread with demetalized bank logo and 20. Watermark: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on pixelated background and electrotype bank logo and 20. Printer: (SPC). 127 x 60 mm.
a. 2012. Signature 10b. Intro: 08.08.2012.
as. Diagonal red hollow SPECIMEN stamp.
Like preceding issues, but new colors to distinguish this denomination from 500-taka note.

Courtesy of Syeed Bin Salam (eBay ID siliconvally) and Robiul Islam (