Cuba new 200-, 500-, and 1,000-peso notes to be issued 01.02.2015

According to various sources, on 1 February 2015 the Banco Central de Cuba will introduce new 200-, 500-, and 1,000-peso notes to ease economic transactions as currently the largest denomination is the 100-peso note (BCC B12).

All three notes are dated 2010 and measure 150 x 70 mm.
  • The orange 200-peso note features a portrait of Frank País on front and city school 26 July on back.
  • The green 500-peso note features a portrait of Ignacio Agramonte on front and an image of the Constituent Assembly Guáimaro on back.
  • The red 1,000-peso note features a portrait of Julio Antonio Mella on front and a view of the University of Havana on back.

The notes will be protected against counterfeiting by windowed security threads, watermarks of Celia Sanchez and the portrait of the note plus electrotype denomination, and microprinting. There are also intaglio printed marks to assist the visually impaired.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana, Raul Perez-Alejo Neyra, Johnny Mollindo, Emilio Jesús, Cleo Phas, and Yigal Arkin.