Cape Verde new 500- and 5,000-escudo notes (B218 and B221) confirmed

According to a press release dated 8 September 2015, the Banco de Cabo Verde planned to introduce new 500- and 5,000-escudo notes on 10 September 2015, thereby completing the new family which consists of 100-, 1,000-, and 2,000-escudo notes issued on 24 December 2014.

B218 (PNL): 500 escudos (US$4.90)
Green, orange, red, and purple. Front: Holographic open book; poet Jorge Barbosa; embossed open book. Back: Quill in inkwell; lines from Barbosa’s poem, “Casebre” (struggle); Poilão Dam in the Santa Cruz municipal area on Santiago island (home of Jorge Barbosa); line drawing of women with baskets. Solid security thread with demetalized BCV 500. Watermark: Jorge Barbosa with electrotype typewriter and Cornerstones. Printer: (TDLR). 131 x 65 mm.
a. 5 de Julho de 2014. Signature 8. Prefix CA. Intro: 10.09.2015.

B221 (PNL): 5,000 escudos (US$49)
Purple, light blue, orange, and yellow. Front: Map of Africa as registration device; islands superimposed on house exterior; stylized waves; first president, Aristides Maria Pereira; embossed map of Africa. Back: Stylized wave; map of Boa Vista; landscape of Boa Vista (home of Aristides Maria Pereira), including fireplace of pottery factory. Holographic stripe with Aristides Maria Pereira, BCV, and map of Boa Vista. Red-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized BCV 5000 and torch. Watermark: Aristides Maria Pereira and electrotype torch with Cornerstones. Printer: (TDLR). 148 x 74 mm.
a. 5 de Julho de 2014. Signature 8. Prefix JA. Intro: 10.09.2015.

Courtesy of Cleo Phas.