Libya new notes to be issued at end of January 2013

This video shows what appear to be new notes denominated in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 dinars from the Central Bank of Libya. There is no indication as to who is showing off the new notes. According to a Bahrain News Agency post dated 29 November 2012, the notes are expected to be introduced at the end of January 2013.

1 dinar - Front: Unknown. Back: Flag of Libya and peace doves.

5 dinars - Front: Ottoman Clock Tower. Back: Zeus Temple in Cyrene.

10 dinars - Front: Portrait of Omar Al Mukhtar. Back: Al Mukhtar horsemen.

20 dinars - Front: Al Ateeq mosque in the city of Oujlah in the oasis. Back: Traditional school in Ghdamis.

50 dinars - Front: Italian Lighthouse of Sede Khrebeech. Back: Stone arch in Tadrart Acacus.

Courtesy of Cedrian López Bosch Martineau, Mosab K. Ibrahim, Carmine Turco, and Thomas Augustsson.