Mauritania unissued 1,000-ouguiya note (B111s) confirmed

The following note dated 28.11.1981 is a recently-discovered unissued 1,000-ouguiya specimen, apparently printed by G&D without imprint. Taking into consideration that the new SCWPM lists another unissued specimen dated 1977-6-26 by TDLR (Pick 3A), it appears plausible that Banque Centrale de Mauritanie had put out a tender for security printers to propose new designs to replace the 1974 series of notes. Neither of these specimens were approved, and the old series continued in use with date and signature changes through 2002.

Anyone with additional information about either of these specimens is encouraged to share same. I’m particularly interested in identifying the bearded man in the portrait of this note; it’s the same image used as the watermark for all notes except the original 1973 series. Also, can anyone translate the signature titles magnified below?

Courtesy of Weldon D. "Burt" Burson.