Guinea reportedly to introduce smaller 10,000-franc note and more secure 20,000-franc note

According to an AfricaTribune article dated 6 November 2018, the Banque Centrale de la Republique de Guinée intends to introduce a reduced-size 10,000-franc note as well as a 20,000-franc note with improved security features.

Argentina new 50-peso note confirmed introduced 16.08.2018

According to a press release dated 15 August 2018, the Banco Central de la Republica Argentina introduced a new 50-peso note on 16 August 2018.

Courtesy of Mauricio Acosta and Kevin Klauss.

Bangladesh new date (2018) 50-taka note (B351h) confirmed

Like B351g, but new date (2018).

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn (

Bangladesh new date (2017) 20-taka note (B350.5f) confirmed

Like B350.5e, but new date (2017).

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Czech Republic new 100-korun commemorative to be introduced 31.01.2019

According to a Czech-language press release dated 6 November 2018, the following new 100-korun banknote commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak koruna is like the regular issue of 2018, but with ČNB / 1919 / 100 LET / Kč / 2019 overprinted at lower left front. On 31 January 2019, Česká Národní Banka will place 200,000 notes into circulation at face value, with a limit of three notes per person daily.

Courtesy of Evzen Sknouril.

Guernsey new 20-pound WWI commemorative note (B168a) reportedly introduced 08.11.2018

Reportedly introduced 8 November 2018, this 20-pound note commemorates the 100th anniversary of World War I. It is like the preceding 2012 commemorative issue, but with the seal of Bailiwick surrounded by poppy flowers instead of the Diamond Jubilee seal flanked by laurels of olive branches, and TG/W (The Great War) prefix.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Honduras new 50-lempira note confirmed

Like P101, but new date, new signatures, building removed from right front, and new building on back.

Courtesy of Micah Parker.

Colombia new date (02.08.2016) 2,000-peso note confirmed

Like P458, but new date (2 DE AGOSTO DE 2016). Prefix AE, AF.

Courtesy of Andres Collazos.

Colombia new date (02.08.2016) 10,000-peso note confirmed

Like P460, but new date (2 DE AGOSTO DE 2016). Prefix AD.

Courtesy of Andres Collazos.

West African States new sig/date (2017) 500-franc note (B120Kf) confirmed

Like B120Ke, but new date (2017) and new signatures.

Courtesy of Kevin Warfel.

Northern Ireland's Danske and Bank of Ireland new 5- and 10-pound polymer notes reported for February 2019

According to a BBC News article dated 6 November 2018, both Danske and Bank of Ireland plan to introduce new 5- and 10-pound polymer banknotes in Northern Ireland in February 2019. The new notes will be like the current notes, but the substrate changed from paper to polymer.

Courtesy of Don Ludwig and Ray Allen.

England seeks suggestions for scientist to appear on new 50-pound note

The Bank of England is seeking public input on the design of the new 50-pound note,

Courtesy of Chris Huff and Christopher Nield.

Canada new 10-dollar note to be introduced 19.11.2018

According to a post on the Bank of Canada’s web site, the new 10-dollar note will be introduced 19 November 2018.

Courtesy of Gabriel Labrie.

Honduras new 100-lempira note confirmed introduced 13.08.2018

Like P102, but new date (28 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2016), new signatures, and denomination in OVI at lower left front. Prefix CK, CM.

Courtesy of Micah Parker.

Czech Republic new 100-korun note (B127a) confirmed

According to a press release dated 5 September 2018, the Czech National Bank has introduced new 100- and 200-korun notes like the preceding issues, but they have enhanced anti-counterfeiting protection: addition of Omron rings; a 3-mm wide, puce-to-green windowed security thread with different demetalized text; electrotype element added to watermark; plus green and orange fluorescent ink.

According to contributor Kevin Klauss in Prague, the new notes are not widely released for circulation as there are some problems with automats recognizing these notes. While you can get 100-korun notes at the central bank, the tellers are instructed to give one piece per customer per day. The 200-korun note is not currently available at the National Bank in Prague.

Courtesy of Kevin Klauss.

United Arab Emirates new 100-dirham note (B248a) confirmed introduced 30.10.2018

According to an article in The National dated 28 October 2018 and a bank press release, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates intends to introduce a new 100-dirham note with improved anti-counterfeiting features on 30 October 2018, including a new green-to-blue SPARK Live feature at lower left front and a green-to-blue windowed Galaxy security thread. Furthermore, the denomination has been removed from lower right front, as has the silver foil stamp from upper right front. The notes are printed at the UAE’s first banknote printing plant in the Khalifa Industrial Zone in Abu Dhabi.

Courtesy of Amirali Somji.

Iraq new 1,000-dinar note (B360a) confirmed

In October 2018, the Central Bank of Iraq introduced the first three denominations in a new series of banknote designs aimed at modernizing the currency and better reflecting the nation’s heritage and diversity. As part of the redesign, the new banknotes will now feature the governor of the central bank’s printed name instead of his signature.

Courtesy of Musaab K. Ibrahim, Dmitry Svobodin, and Manish Vasan.

Guatemala new paper 5-quetzal note reportedly introduced

Like polymer note dated 2010 - 2013 (P122), but reverted to paper substrate and enhanced security features. Dated 14 DE MAYO DE 2014. Suffix F. Printed by Casa de Moneda de Chile.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Royal Bank of Scotland unveils design of new 20-pound polymer note

According to a press release dated 24 October 2018, the Royal Bank of Scotland has unveiled the design of its first 20-pound polymer note which features the historic Scottish entrepreneur Kate Cranston on front, and features red squirrels and blaeberry fruit on back. It also includes extracts from 16th century Scottish poet Mark Alexander Boyd’s work, Cupid and Venus. The 20-pound note printed by De La Rue on Safeguard substrate is the third denomination in the “Fabric of Nature” series, and is planned for introduction in 2020.

Courtesy of Ray Allen, David Hunter, Don Ludwig, and Christopher Nield.

Bank of England announces new 50-pound note to be polymer

According to a press release dated 13 October 2018, the Bank of England confirms that it intends to introduce a 50-pound note printed on polymer substrate some time after the new 20-pound note is introduced in 2020.

Courtesy of Christopher Nield, Mark Irwin, and Don Ludwig.