Abyssinia (Ethiopia) scans needed for catalog

If you have any of the notes listed below, please email 300-dpi, 100% actual size, 24-bit color scans of the front and back of these notes, saved as uncompressed JPEG, BMP, or TIFF. Please download and follow these detailed scanning instructions.

I am looking for 300-dpi images of the following banknotes of Abyssinia (Ethiopia):

Pick 1 5 thalers
Pick 2 10 thalers
Pick 3 50 thalers
Pick 4 100 thalers
Pick 5 500 thalers

It appears these notes were first issued with handwritten dates, then stamped, and finally printed. As such, I’m looking to assertain the ranges for each variety of date issue.

As a contributor, you will receive the satisfaction of taking part in creating something of excellence, your note may be immortalized as the plate note for The Banknote Book, plus your name will appear in the Acknowledgements along with your email address or URL, if you wish.

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation!